The Writers Guide To Pitching Reality TV

This post is meant to be a writer-centric, laser focused, “just-for-you” version of our free guide How to Pitch a Reality Show. It covers a lot of new ground specifically helpful to writers

OMG Im in the city! Skyscrapers and everything!

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Should you List BG Work on your Resume? Erica Arvold, CSA

Casting director/producer Erica Arvold, CSA, gives advice on how to list background roles on your resume, and talks about how a resume changes depending on where an actor’s career is.

Why Jon Voight is One of the Best American Actors!

Why Jon Voight is one of the best American actors? The Short answer. HE IS INTERESTING! See the Video Below! (I apologize if some are offended by the Twerking in this scene but I think the scene illustrates well what I mean.) One READ MORE

Das Right! One of the Best Films at Sundance was Shot on IPHONE! Now Playing at Cinema Village.

New reel.

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Gotta Love Coney Island….

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Point Lookout 2015

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Watch Screenwriter Interviews: The Creative Spark

Screenwriter Interviews The Academy of Pictures Arts and Sciences began a terrific new series of video interviews called Creative Spark. Here are featured each of the ones involving screenwriters. Thanks Scott Myers!

Indie Wire: The Ultimate Guide To Documentary Filmmaking

The Ultimate Guide to Documentary Filmmaking by IndieWire

How To Overcome The Fear Of Making A Movie by Robert Lawton

Listen To Me Marlon

Enlightening doc on the pivotal actor in film history @filmforum #brando

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