Why Jon Voight is One of the Best American Actors!

Why Jon Voight is one of the best American actors? The Short answer. HE IS INTERESTING! See the Video Below! (I apologize if some are offended by the Twerking in this scene but I think the scene illustrates well what I mean.) One READ MORE

Listen To Me Marlon

Enlightening doc on the pivotal actor in film history @filmforum #brando

Making of the Mob Clip!

Crisis in American Acting?

Acting styles are a reflection of the culture of the times and the presuppositions of those that teach. I read an interesting article the other day which was a response to another article in The Atlantic. bemoaning the fact that American actors were READ MORE

Francis Ford Coppolla on Brando and Regrets

Arnold’s 6 Rules of Success


Making of the Mob Premieres on AMC

Thanks everyone for getting Making Of The Mob to be a big hit…..from the Mangano  family.  Keep watching!..or else…



“What Makes A Great Actor? by Ted Kotcheff” on YouTube

What Makes A Great Actor? by Ted Kotcheff: http://youtu.be/cEeL4F2adw4


Many of us actors are used to discussing characters in terms of “motivation”, as in: what is instigating, or causing this action? We do detailed biographies of our characters and want to know what is CAUSING us to act this way. The word READ MORE

What Successful Artists Do To Beat Self Doubt by Larry Hankin

What to Do at the Audition

These are some very good tips for what to do at the audition, rather than the audition technique itself….except I bring my stuff in my wheelie bag and leave it by the door. Im paranoid that way! ttp://www.actingcareerquickstart.com/acting_audition.html Audition Tips

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