Killer Takeout


KILLER TAKE OUT is a horror/comedy in the Grindhouse Tradition about Philip Liu, the very unstable, Chinese American chef in the process of opening his first takeout place in NYC. His nutty crew includes an exhibitionist assistant and punk rock band delivery boys. He is up to his eyeballs in debt though, especially to Shin Shin, the homeland loan shark.

When the muscle for the loan shark comes collecting, Phil kills him in desperation and turns him into what he calls Spicy Cumin Venison Noodles.

To his surprise, this signature dish takes off, and the shop becomes a hit!

The pressure to succeed is really getting to Philip. He’s a man slowly losing his mind while he goes from success to success.

When Phil attempts to cook with real ingredients, the business begins to tank. They want the Spicy Cumin Venison Noodles! In desperation and driven by the growing apparitions and voices in his mind, he selects an irritating customer as his next victim.

Phil gets a new girlfriend, the host of a cable food show who features him. The lines for his signature dish are now going down the block. Phil buys a new car, and a new pad but the fun and games are temporary. A Satanist Gang sees Phil kill a homeless girl in a back alley. They blackmail him: They will provide the dead bodies from their sacrifices and Phil gets rid of the bodies through his recipes.

His troubles increase as Detective Pirello inquires about his missing customers, Shin Shin’s men try to extort him for more, and the gang asks him to deliver his girlfriend as their next sacrifice.

The more the bodies pile up, the more Phil loses touch with reality, until he finally sees a way to take care of all his enemies in one explosive finale.