About Me

Born in Brooklyn, Cuban-American, Daniel Jordano is a 20 year veteran actor, best selling author, and filmmaker. Known for his distinct and intense NY style, Daniel continues to perform in films and television as well as produce his own films. Daniel writes screenplays, and leads an acting workshop based on the LIFE ACTING System which he pioneered. Best known for his starring role in Harvey Weinstein’s “PLAYING FOR KEEPS”, Daniel is also the author of the Amazon best selling book, “THE BEST BOOK ON ACTING”.

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Daniel began his career in the underground “No-Wave” Film Movement with his role in Amos Poe’s ALPHABET CITY. He then branched out to theater where he landed the National Tour of smash Broadway Play, “TORCH SONG TRILOGY.” He has collaborated with artists as diverse as theater luminary, Herbert Berghof, and Oscar winning screenwriter Bobby Moresco.

Daniel is also the founder of Veritas Arts International, a production company through which he wrote and produced his first feature film, FROG DREAMS. This critically acclaimed directorial debut, won the Spirit of Queens Award at the Queens World Film Festival.

His comedy pilot Brooklyn Vans recently did the festival circuit and will is being shopped as potential series.

He also has been recently seen in several independent features: UNTIL SOMEBODY GETS HURT, HOLY FIRE, MY FATHER- MY DON, and LUCKY, and in a major cable miniseries: THE MAKING OF THE MOB.