Charles The Hammer


Charles the Hammer is the incredible true story of Charles Martel, born a bastard and ostracized from birth, who overcomes all odds to become the great warrior who saves Europe from a 100, 000 man army.

France, 732: On the eve of the history changing Battle of Tours, Charles remembers how he came to lead. Born as the illegitimate child of Pepin the Great and his mistress Alpaida, Charles is never recognized by his father. The boy is tormented as “the bastard”, and grows up in fear of Pepin’s wife, Plectruda, who is grooming her own sons as heirs.

Charles comes of age. Fearing for Charles’s safety from a jealous Plectruda, Pepin and Alpaida arrange for Charles to be trained as a soldier at the compound of nobleman, Dodo. During his training he finds out that his half brothers have been assasinated. When his father, Pepin dies in seeking vengeance, Charles is convinced that his mother is now in mortal danger from Plectruda who has been handed the mantle of power.

Charles embarks to retrieve his mother from the palace grounds. His companions are Kristof and Michel, men loyal to Dodo. Arriving at the Palace grounds, Charles is ambushed and locked inside the tower by Plectruda’s men. Charles makes a dramatic escape with the help of his men, his mother, stepfather Abrogast, and his little brother Hildebrandt.

On the run from Plectruda’s soldiers, they make their way back to Dodo’s Compound, and Charles is wounded. Dodo and the other nobleman embark to see Plectruda’s young grandson installed as King and to pledge their allegiance. For safety’s sake, Charles remains at the compound. But when he hears from a spy that the Neustrians have planned an ambush, Charles gives chase.

In an incredible display of bravery and fighting skill, Charles defeats the ambushers. The French provinces are now at war. The Nuestrians have declared war on Charles and His Austrasian allies. Charles is elected to lead the Austrasians to once again unite France. Full of rage and bitterness, can he forgive the people who ask for his help now? Charles puts together an incredible team of warriors and after several battles, Charles succeeds and finally confronts the hated Plectruda. Yet soon comes word of the invading Muslims from the south. Can Charles defeat such a large army with such a newly united nation?

Charles prepares for the explosive finale at the Battle of Tours, which historians have called. “the turning point of one one the most important epochs in the history of he world”

In the tradition of Gladiator, Braveheart and The 300 — Charles the Hammer is the epic/adventure of a man who finds forgiveness the key to to saving himself, and then saving his nation.