The Life Acting Workshop

starts September 24th


Life Acting Workshop is accepting applications now. At the current time, we will be accepting only 10 committed actors for this first semester. The experience level is not the key issue here, but the willingness to make a commitment to the Work.

Each workshop is only $25

My goal for this is to develop an encouraging and safe place to work and improve our craft as actors with an emphasis on acting for the screen.

I am serving as the facilitator. Not a guru…  We will learn and be encouraged by ONE ANOTHER!

The workshop functions under the following guidelines.

1) No more Gurus. There is no exalted guru in the group. I will act as facilitator but all will be encouraged to give feedback.

2) Each member will bring a monologue or scene to work on. These pieces must be memorized. Each member will put up work every session.

3) Feedback will be open unless you specifically limit it. We will be as encouraging as possible, starting with finding something positive about the work, before constructive criticism.

4) All work will be taped and posted online for membership-only viewing. Unless members request otherwise.


Application deadline August 15th.

To apply: send an email with your Picture and Resume and a link to your reel (if you have one) to