Man With A Van


Man With A Van is an action/thriller about a terrorist plot in New York City.

Former Drug Dealer, Tony Ramos is trying to go straight. Working as a “man with a van”, he’s hired to transport some boxes across the Brooklyn Bridge. Little does he realize that these boxes contain C-4 explosives and a cell-phone controlled detonator.

When he is pulled over for a broken brake light, the terrorists try to set off the explosives in a panic, but they only succeed in setting the van on fire. In the confusion, a police officer is shot, and Tony is on the run for his life–from the police and from the terrorists who want to keep Tony quiet.

On the run, Tony hooks up with his friend, Jackson, an Iraq vet, to figure out who set Tony up and why. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Capobianco is brought in when the C-4 is discovered. While Tony and Jackson try to clear Tony’s name, they are set upon by the terrorists who are increasingly desperate to kill Tony.

The battle escalates as Tony’s wife, Yvette, is kidnapped, and he reverts back to the law of the streets, to get her back. He finds unexpected allies in his former drug dealing partners and a strange band of survivalists.

As the bodies pile up, Agent Capobianco, realizes that this so called “van fire” is tied to a much more sinister terrorist plot. As Tony realizes the same, he needs to make a decision: Save himself, or help save the city he loves before its too late.