Mind Of War


Mind of War is an action/vengeance movie about Jeremy Donovan, a brain damaged air force veteran who finds himself living on the street and dumpster diving in strip malls to survive. He is somewhat of a local oddity with his stuttering manner and lame walk.

He is lured into the local karate dojo by a sensei who invites him to spar with his morning class. When it becomes apparent that they want to beat and humiliate him, something snaps in Jeremy and turns him into a killing machine.

Who is Jeremy? Why have his fingerprints been burned off? That’s what Detective Munoz wants to know. Chained to a psych ward bed, Jeremy himself is not so sure, as he begins to recall, through sudden flashbacks, the real circumstances that led to his condition.

When an attempt is made to kill Jeremy in the hospital, it becomes clear that someone does not want him to remember that his brain damage is a result of experiments performed by a military contractor.

Jeremy goes on the run from the police, and the hired assassins, as he and his mentally challenged friend from the hospital, John, search for those responsible for his brain damaged condition. Jeremy’s not on a thirst for justice, he wants vengeance which begins to concern John. Their search leads them up the food chain, from his recruiter, to his handlers.

As bodies pile up from his vengeance, he learns that the military contractors still have his brother. Jeremy agonizes with a conscience that he thought was dead, as he endeavors to save him.

Mind of War is the exciting story of a man turned into an unfeeling killing machine who turns his powers on those who made him that way, but who finds his humanity in the rescue of his brother.