SPACE SLAM is an explosive action story pitting professional wrestlers against alien terrorists in New York City. STRIPES, 40, has been on top of his game for years but he’s thinking about finally hanging up his boots. He’s about to face his hated rival, BEASTMASTER, for the World Championship belt. He’s even lost his girlfriend, TRUDY MATHEWS, to his rival. As he prepares for the big title match, reflecting on whether he still has what it takes to win, pop-culture-obsessed ALIENS overrun MADISON SQUARE GARDEN and demand to square off against EARTH’S GREATEST WRESTLERS!

DRACO is the alien commander from the planet Antares. Commissioned to merely observe earth and its culture, Draco becomes obsessed with American culture, reality shows, and especially wrestling. Violating the sworn objectives of his mission, Draco goes rogue and leads his troops into Madison Square Garden, deploying an impenetrable force field around the arena. He announces his new objective: to stage a battle between his Antarean soldiers and the best professional wrestlers Earth has to offer. The wrestlers join together to win the initial match but subsequently escape into the bowels of the arena. The force field around the arena prevents any outside rescue.

Stripes and his team manage to overcome the aliens pursuing them and ultimately destroy the shuttlecraft creating the force field over the Garden. But in making their escape to the street, they are arrested by authorities who debrief them and warn them to stay out of the way.

Meanwhile, an enraged Draco reveals he wants to be the supreme leader of Earth and demands the surrender of the President of the United States to him personally in the center ring of Madison Square Garden. He taunts Stripes over live television by mercilessly beating his captured teammates. Stripes escapes custody to reenter the Garden and attempts to free the fans being held hostage as well as his ex-girlfriend Trudy who has been taken captive by Draco. Stripes discovers that Draco’s plot includes the killing of all the hostages as a warning to the rest of the world. Stripes races against time as the President’s helicopter approaches the scene.

SPACE SLAM is an exciting action story with a dramatic finale wherein self-absorbed celebrity wrestlers rally to become true heroes.