A Place Beyond The Pines : Film Review

You can’t escape your legacy. No matter what you do, you are doomed to reap what was sown by your fathers. That’s the overall message of the depressing “A Place Beyond the Pines”, where the bad choices of cops and robbers come back READ MORE

“No” – Film Review

Selling Democracy like Mentos In elections, people seem less moved by the truth than by their desires. A point made very well in Pablo Larrain’s excellent drama about the Oct 5 1989 referendum that ended the 15 year reign of military dictator Augusto READ MORE

“The We And The I”- Film Review

Have you ever been riding along peacefully on the good old MTA, when all of a sudden at the next stop, a mob of kids just out of school, fills the subway car or bus with raucous noise and energy? Often this can READ MORE