The Familia Red Carpet Event

Got cast as Sonny Romano in the miniseries “The Familia” See pics from the Red carpet Event Taino Star Entertainment presents a gripping new episodic crime drama that enters you into a world that you only thought that you knew. When the war READ MORE

Wherein I Make Offer They Can’t Refuse to Writers of “The Familia”


See what happened when I shared my log line for Space Slam on the streets of NYC. A violent reaction!

Frog Dreams Available on Amazon!

My first feature, Frog Dreams, is now available for purchase on Amazon! Click here to check it out!

Until Someone Gets Hurt

I was cast as “Bruce” in the upcoming horror pic, “Until Someone gets Hurt” My character thinks his house is haunted and hires a group of paranormal investigators to check it out.  

Your Screenplay Log Line!

A log line is a one or two sentence description of your screenplay or movie. Many writers have an aversion to summing up their films this way. But the bottom line is that show business is a BUSINESS. That means it involves “selling” READ MORE


Started 2014 with a bang, when I was cast as Vito, in the upcoming feature. My Father, My Don. Check out some pics from the set.

“The Rocket” — Film Review

3.5 out of 5 stars I’m a sucker for movies about kids overcoming difficult circumstances. Especially when the child actors are great—my favorite being Truffaut’s “400 Blows”. While “The Rocket” may not be in the same league, the actors are excellent. The story READ MORE

Space Slam Screenplay!

My friend Zach Sternwood and I have just finished a draft of a new screenplay for an actioner called Space Slam! Heavy metal music blasts as a FIREBALL EXPLODES on screen, followed by a montage of super-shredded WRESTLERS flying through the air at READ MORE

Life Acting

I am currently putting together a new Ebook humbly entitled, The Best Book on Acting. – How to become a better actor instantly without killing yourself with “The Method”. I know I am not alone to say that in my 25 years of READ MORE

Trance: Film Review

Seldom is a director so talented a stylist that he can practically carry a movie all by himself. Danny Boyle does this magnificently in his visually stunning, mind bending, neo-noir film, “Trance”. Simon (James McAvoy) , a fine arts auctioneer, participates in the READ MORE

A Place Beyond The Pines : Film Review

You can’t escape your legacy. No matter what you do, you are doomed to reap what was sown by your fathers. That’s the overall message of the depressing “A Place Beyond the Pines”, where the bad choices of cops and robbers come back READ MORE

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