Space Slam Screenplay!


My friend Zach Sternwood and I have just finished a draft of a new screenplay for an actioner called Space Slam!

Heavy metal music blasts as a FIREBALL EXPLODES on screen, followed by a montage of super-shredded WRESTLERS flying through the air at opponents, tearing shirts off, and striking godlike poses.

It’s WWA’s BODYSLAM! The most tumultuous
turbocharged tub of testosterone on television! Can you
handle this?This ain’t no Jersey Housewives! This is
the ultimate blistering battle of bulging BEE -HEE-MOTHS!!
This is BODYSLAM!! Aaaagggghhhhhhh!!

STRIPES has been on top of this game for years but he’s thinking of hanging up his boots– then pop-culture-obsessed ALIENS take MADISON SQUARE GARDEN HOSTAGE during a match and demand to square off against EARTH’S GREATEST WRESTLERS!!

Stripes and his team open up a can of NYC WHOOPASS to liberate the Garden from these otherworldly terrorists, but they uncover an even more sinister plot!

SPACE SLAM is a tongue-in-cheek actioner with wrestlers, space aliens and plenty of green slime in the most famous arena in the world.

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