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Scripts For Golden Globes

Award Season Screenplay Downloads!

6 Simple Steps To Making Millions on Horror Movie

How To Write A Screenplay You Can Sell    

Writers: Reveal Your Character in Just One Second


I just finished my new Grindhouse horror/comedy, Killer Takeout!  Logline: An insane, debt ridden Szechuan chef becomes a serial killer when his  shop becomes a sensation using his new secret ingredient: human flesh. READ SYNOPSIS

Four Ways to Add Character Depth

Werner Herzog’s No Nonsense Advice to Creatives

The Writers Guide To Pitching Reality TV

This post is meant to be a writer-centric, laser focused, “just-for-you” version of our free guide How to Pitch a Reality Show. It covers a lot of new ground specifically helpful to writers

Watch Screenwriter Interviews: The Creative Spark

Screenwriter Interviews The Academy of Pictures Arts and Sciences began a terrific new series of video interviews called Creative Spark. Here are featured each of the ones involving screenwriters. Thanks Scott Myers!

Keys to the Writing Craft: Watch Movies: Scott Myers

If you want to learn the craft of screenwriting, here are five practices you need to adopt: Think Concepts. Watch Movies. Read Scripts. Write Pages. Live Life. Okay, the last one is pretty unavoidable. That said, I will have some thoughts on it READ MORE

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