Hey! Happy Thanksgiving all! As a gift for the holidays I am giving away a copy of my ebook, The Tao of the Mover, to all my beautiful (and not so beautiful-lol) friends!Written more than two thousand years ago, the Tao Te Ching is one of the true classics of spiritual literature. It is a guide to cultivating a life of peace, serenity, and compassion. Through aphorisms and parable, it leads readers toward the Tao, or the “Way”: harmony with the life force of the universe. I wrote this modern translation from the point of view of a modern day "mover". My goal was to bring the "cookies down to a lower shelf", if you will, to make it more accessible to the modern reader. This book has been endorsed by the “Dudely Lama”, Oliver Benjamin himself, who has written the forward. (If you know you know) lol. My wish is for the reader to be blessed, amused, entertained, and hopefully inspired to develop a deeper love of life, and embrace the mystery of the whole durned human comedy as it were. My only request is, if you like it, please go to Amazon and give the book a nice review. If you don't like it, please delete, pretend you never got it , and repent, lmao. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Chanukah! Happy Christmas! Happy Dudeistmas!…. and getting in the flow of the new year! Click link in the bio to download pdf.

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