Posted @withregram • @bestbookonacting After using Actors Access (breakdown svces) to cast projects several times, here are my takeaways. These are my personal recommends for actors submitting themselves to Indie Projects. Remember: Indie projects are NOT GETTING AGENCY PRESCREENED TALENT! That means they have to sift through EVERYTHING! They have to deal with a TON of submissions. So we are looking for ways to eliminate you! Sad but true.1. People do not look like thier headshots, rendering them almost useless to me!. I know…hard to hear after all the $$$ dropped on pics. 2. Therefore spend the extra $ and get a SLATE on Actors AccessTHOSE WITH SLATES ARE THE FIRST ONES I LOOK AT!3. Must have a reel of some kind! I do not even LOOK at those without media. I don't have the time to look any further.4. Therefore you need media of some kind. If you have no projects, DO NOT POST AUDITION TAPES!!5. In this age of everybody walking around with a 4k camera in their pockets, there is no excuse. Go out with friends and shoot a scene on your phone as if it was a student film. Hell…a tik tok video is better. Anything but some other audition tape.6. Your reel: Don't focus at all on other people speaking! unless you're in a scene with a star and even THEN, you better have lines. No background work! we want to see and hear you! Don't edit like a filmmaker and try to make a scene make sense. I made that mistake at first. Just show you delivering a couple lines that hit and move on! Fortunately, I am available and have much experience in editing reels for actors at a reasonable fee. DM me for more info on this. More coming on this! Love, Dan

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