The Tao of The Mover ch. 26. Moving and Relaxing are flip sides of the coin. Like Yin and Yang. The Mover works like a mule all day. He never leaves people's stuff unattended… People will walk off with shit. Even though he is distracted by all the beautiful women in the city, He keeps a lookout for the devilish traffic cops And stays focused ‘til the end. Then he can buy a round of "Miller Low Lifes" and play some Creedence on the juke. If he wants to be a good leader, The Mover can't fuck around with the job. Then he will lose focus On marketing, communicating, booking, and executing. The helpers and the customers depend on his focus. So does his landlord. And everybody else doesn't really give a shit. So yeah, it’s up to him to see it through 'Cause if he doesn't, The whole plane will crash into the fucking mountain. Own it…and then chill.

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