Upcoming Pilots in 2016


Scripts For Golden Globes


Four Fatal Flaws in Actors Auditioning by Greg Apps- Free Ebook!

Coach Tom Grail always told me. “YOU are enough for every role”. Here is some sound advice. http://theauditiontechnique.com/actor-audition-tips/the-four-fatal-flaws-in-an-actors-audition-approach-free-download/

“How To Know If Someone Isn’t Cut Out To Be A Filmmaker by James Kicklighter” on YouTube


Award Season Screenplay Downloads!


Think Outside The Box Office – Jon Reiss

Jon Reiss’s book has helped Filmmakers do exactly what the title suggests! Check out the Interview by Film Courage.

5 Ways To Give a Great Actors Interview- Brad Holbrook


What Makes a Good Audition Monologue – Matt Newton

Matt Newton gives interesting advice on audition monologues. I would also try to work on a monologue where you know you can deliver many emotional colors. A monologue is a chance to show what you can do in 2 minutes or less, so READ MORE

Eight Things To Do When You Get An Agent- Philip Hernandez


7 Rules for Following Up With Casting Directors — Brette Goldstein


Until Someone Gets Hurt Trailer

Horror film 2016 release. Check it out. https://vimeo.com/133389342

6 Simple Steps To Making Millions on Horror Movie


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